My Next Aim in this Industry – Team Building

I’m Jackson and this is the motto I live by. I believe that trust & Honesty form the core foundation of every relationship. Hence, I seek to ensure every interaction I exchange with others embodies these qualities.

My greatest ambition would be to build a team of young and dynamic associates who find joy in team cohesion and bonding. Healthy connections are precious; they are powerful, multi-dimensional energy exchanges that rejuvenate and supercharge those involved. I do not believe in generational authority whereby seniors automatically assume leadership roles. Here, everyone is equal to contribute their propositions regardless of age or experience.

I do not see new, young agents as inexperienced, vapid greenhorns. Instead, I know that they have their own creative mindsets and unique perspectives. I am confident that under my wing, they can unlock their potential and develop into capable, respected figures while propelling the team forward!

As for myself, I will never stop pushing hard to be an inspiration to myself and the rest. As an example, it was only after many sleepless, committed nights did I devise a bespoke Tool that converts dreams into instant results for my team and colleagues. Likewise for you, I will do the same, if not more.

Division Director of
ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

Jackson Woo

Phone: +65 82331685

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